Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide quotes or estimates or charge by the day?
All three.

Day Rate: In some circumstances it can be best to charge by the day. Typically this will be for work where it is impractical to give a hard and firm quotation e.g. in restoration work on a roof where until the timbers are exposed you cant be sure of the amount of work required. In these circumstances a fixed price quotation will invariably be high due to the need to cover for all eventualities. However by charging buy the day you can be sure that you only get billed for the work that we undertake. And rest assured out reputation is highly valued and we charge fair prices for all the work we do.

Quotation: Where the work is will defined we will be happy to give you a fixed price quotation, but if additional work is needed we will only go ahead with the customer's full agreement.

Materials: The vast majority of our customer's use us to source the materials for their job however if you wish to supply your own then we are happy to work on a day rate basis.

What happens if I am unhappy with the work: One of the most important things to us is our reputation, we do not carry out substandard work and we feel confident that any issues can be quickly resolved.

Do You have Insurance: Hollywood Maintenance has 2million of public liability insurance and our windows and doors have an insurance backed guarantee via Quality Assured National Warranties (QNAW).